Sound Advice Hearing Doctors

The Way It Should Be


Company History

Sound Advice Hearing Doctors was founded in May of 1998 by Michael Powell, Dr. Brian Vesely, and Dr. Chase Britton through the purchase of Turpin Hearing, a long standing practice that had been in Branson, Missouri for over 25 years.  Shortly after purchasing the clinic in Branson they opened clinics in Springfield and Branson West Missouri.  Out of these three clinics the founders pioneered a new model of care patterned after the Mayo Clinic, where the needs of the patient always come first. This concept is foreign to the hearing aid profession where providers follow a retail sales model focused on the sale of instruments rather than the needs of the patient. 

Realizing the profession needed to change, Sound Advice made another bold move in 2010 by pioneering an owner network of clinics committed to a medical model of care.  The first clinic under this new model was established in Harrison, Arkansas through the purchase of Professional Hearing Systems owned by Ray Melton, who had been serving the hearing impaired community for 32 years.  Since that time Sound Advice expanded to 9 locations in Arkansas and Missouri.  All total Sound Advice and its affiliates have been helping patients for over 35 years…a long time! 

To learn more about Sound Advice Hearing Doctors read our Vision Statement.  You will find we are committed to provide the best care along with the best technology for the best price to our patients, and we will do it better than anyone else because our mission is to exceed our patient’s expectations.