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After several years with another hearing aid company/provider, and repeated trips to get them adjusted, I had little success, and was looking for another company/provider.  The result was Dr. Rachel Horne. 

My hearing loss was caused by a mortar during military service, in 1968.  I didn't realize how bad my hearing loss was affecting my life until visiting the VA in 1969. They said, there was nothing they could do about my hearing loss, so I figured I'd have to live my whole life without being able to hear.  

If you're looking for an audiologist that will spend the time it takes to fit and adjust a set of hearing aids to your satisfaction, then Rachel is the one. She has adjusted my new aids more times than I can remember, without any sign of giving up. You need not look any further.

Mark Roys - Russellville, AR

It was then that I was suddenly made aware of all the was going on around me.  All of the little things that until now I didn't even realize I was missing.  Not only did I hear the storm approaching, but I could hear individual raindrops as they struck the ground nearby.  I could hear the difference between them hitting the grass, the mulch, and the driveway. 

I started noticing my hearing loss several years ago when I couldn't hear frogs singing in the spring when others could.  I made an appointment with Dr. Horne the day I attended the seminar. I was impressed as to the thoroughness and time she took to evaluate my hearing.  Dr. Horne’s service has been great.


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