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I've always been an avid hunter and shooter and had been experiencing hearing loss since high school.  My wife finally told me I had to do something about my hearing loss and told me to schedule an appointment with Sound Advice Hearing Doctors of Russellville. Dr. Horne provided me with a thorough hearing examination and clearly explained my results and solutions. 

After being fit with hearing aids, I could hear instantly.  I experience no background noise, and I can finally talk on the phone through my left ear with complete clarity (something I haven't been able to do in years).  My hearing aids have been perfect and unnoticeable.  The only reason my client's know I’m wearing them is because they recognize the improvement in my hearing, and my better hearing has contributed to helping me within my career.  I forget I’m even wearing my hearing aids and can't live without them.  
My experience and the services at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors have been great.  Since Dr. Horne lives in Russellville, she is always available and quick to make any adjustments or fix any issues.  
I constantly refer friends, co-workers and clients to Sound Advice Hearing Doctors Russellville and Dr. Rachel Horne.
- Richard Wright, Russellville, AR

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