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The Way It Should Be


Vision Statement

Mission:  To empower, educate, and exceed expectations as we deliver high quality patient-centered care.

Core Values:
These core values reveal what is truly important to us and our organization. They are the foundation of our practice and will stand the test of time through changing trends and circumstances.     
As leaders in the organization and providers of our families we have a duty to be self-reliant.  This will be accomplished through hard work, discipline, avoiding unnecessary debt, making wise investments, and at times even sacrifice.  We recognize in due course our collective efforts will lead to wealth creation and financial independence. 
Actions speak louder than words, just as trust is a reflection of our character and capabilities.  We earn trust by being competent and by living the “Golden Rule”, which means we will treat each other and our patients the way we want to be treated.  Gaining the trust of our patient’s is our greatest asset and strength.  These relationships are nurtured by showing sincere care, being open, asking powerful questions, and above all “listening like we mean it”.     

Our primary goal is to give exceptional service and exceed the expectations of our patients.  We do this by always putting the patient first, which means we will keep their needs in the forefront of our work.  Patients are best served by following principles of evidence-based practice where clinical practice guidelines ensure results.  Evidence-based practice requires the use of relevant research, applied clinical judgment, and input from patients outlining their desires, values, and concerns.

Our organization will always give value by being the best-cost provider of services and technology that delivers the greatest benefit to the patient.  This occurs as we give consideration to details and activities that increase efficiency and lower costs; by doing business with those who have like values; and by establishing long-term relationships with vendors, manufacturers of hearing technology, and other allied health professionals.  We are committed to provide affordable, yet effective products and services that meet the needs of our patients and medical providers. 
Team Work 
The hallmark of high functioning organizations that accomplish extraordinary results is collaboration and team work.  True collaboration and team work is built on principles of trust, openness, respect, mutual reliance, and genuine interest in each other’s personal and professional growth.  In the spirit of team work we will strive to capture the collective wisdom and experience of this group by actively seeking out, listening to, and using one another’s knowledge and expertise as we partner with patients in delivering the best care possible.  We welcome and celebrate the successes of our team members, while remembering the words of Dr. William Mayo who said, “No one is big enough to be independent of others”.  [The best always share]

Constant Improvement 
The pursuit of “Excellence” requires self-accountability, discipline, innovative change, and an appreciation for our work.  Constant improvement also requires that we continue to educate ourselves, train each other, and collectively improve our technical skills.  In this effort from time to time we will need to make course corrections, which require honest and accurate feedback.  We welcome this opportunity and pledge to take personal responsibility for our own development.  We will be forward looking and courageous embracing every opportunity for innovative change that works to the betterment and benefit of those we serve.  And, we will do this with a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving each day.