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Our Commitment to You

Sound Advice Hearing Doctors is dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget.  On all hearing aids, we offer a 30-day, No Deposit, No Money Down and No Obligation to Purchase - Try Before You Buy.  This 30-day Try Before You Buy is completely free and allows you to test the hearing aids within your everyday sound environment.  You put NO money down and we DON'T scan a credit card, etc.  You don't pay until you find something that works for your lifestyle.  New hearing aids can require multiple visits and adjustments to properly fit your lifestyle.  When requiring adjustments, your provider should be conducting the adjustments and utilizing Live Speech Mapping to ensure the adjustments are done properly.  Make sure you're choosing a provider that is dedicated to spending quality time with you to ensure you're receiving the right adjustments. 

When purchasing a hearing aid through Sound Advice, all patients receive Lifetime Service.  All basic services (cleaning, adjustments, etc.) are included when purchasing hearing aids from Sound Advice.  Your hearing aid will need adjustments, regular cleanings and routine maintenance, so always keep these services in mind when purchasing a hearing aid provider.