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Hollister & Branson West Testimonials

G.K. and B.K.  Branson West, MO:
Chase and his staff are so accommodating and have taken care of every single issue for us.  He bends over backwards to help us hear better and provide top services.  We have never met a provider like him.  We cannot believe how wonderful our hearing aids work.  They are an absolute lifesaver for us!

L.A.  Kimberling City, MO:
I have had to wear hearing aids for the past 30 plus years.  Upon our move to the Ozarks, I was in need of a Hearing Provider.  My older model aids needed constant adjusting to accommodate my increased hearing and word recognition loss.  I was fortunate to locate Sound Advice Hearing Doctors in Hollister and have since visited two of their locations – Branson West and Springfield and have received the same caring service at each.  I work with the public so being able to understand the spoken word is what makes up my day.  Recently, Chase and his Branson West staff worked with me and the State of Missouri to upgrade my aids so I could stay in the workforce.  Chase is knowledgeable, constantly offering the latest in technology and he and his associates are extremely professional, and most of all PATIENT.  They have worked with me repeatedly to make sure I receive the maximum benefits from my new aids.  This has reduced my stress and worry immeasurably. Thanks so much, Sound Advice!

Mr. & Mrs. H  Branson, MO:
We have been patients of Chase’s for over 8 years.  I remember back in the beginning how careful Chase was to get our aids adjusted just perfectly for our hearing loss.  He was so concerned about any issue we had.  The service we get there is actually very unusual.  The friendliness and caring of the entire staff is amazing.  We always feel welcome and they never make us feel like we’re being unreasonable, even when we’re picky.  Chase always goes so far out of his way to make sure we have what we need.  We love sending our friends to Sound Advice Hearing Doctors, because we know they’ll be taken care of.

C.M.  Branson, MO:
I’ll never forget the first time I went into Sound Advice:  I walked in with a hearing problem and walked out with a pair of hearing aids that I hadn’t paid for.  I asked Chase, “Don’t you want a credit card or anything?”  He said, “Nope.  We trust you.”  Isn’t that amazing?  He wants everyone to make sure the aids are working right before he lets them pay for them.  You don’t see that every day.  That was clear back in ’07.  Everybody at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors are such good people.  The service I get is absolutely phenomenal.    I’ll never go anywhere else.

R.H.  Branson, MO :
I’ve been a patient for about 4 years at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors, and my wife and I started out going to one of the luncheon seminars.  That was a great time!  The setting at College of the Ozarks is so beautiful, and of course, the food was great.  We’ve gone back to the seminar to bring friends, because the information was so helpful and informative.  We learned things we didn’t even know that we needed to know!  Since we’ve purchased our hearing aids, we have gone back many times with various questions and checkups.  Every time, the staff has taken as much time as we needed.  They are so loving and helpful.  We know we chose the right Hearing Provider.