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Russellville Testimonials

Geneva Smith, Clarksville, AR:
Professional service and patient care is excellent. We received an appointment quickly and both appointments were with minimal waiting.  My Aunt is super pleased that she can hear again!!! Thanks Dr. Rachel Horne for your expertise!

Shirley Sims, Russellville, AR:
I realized my hearing loss was bad when I constantly had to ask my grandkids to repeat themselves.  While attending my grandkids ballgames, I couldn't understand the people sitting next to me, and I couldn’t engage in conversations. 
Before going to Sound Advice Hearing Doctors, I had visited two other hearing providers.  Dr. Horne provided the most thorough hearing examination and best services.  She treated me wonderfully, was great at explaining my test results and solutions, and she answered all my questions.
Since purchasing hearing aids from Sound Advice Hearing Doctors, Dr. Horne always spends quality time with me to make the necessary adjustments and help me fix any problems.  I can now hear my grandkids, better enjoy their ballgames and engage in conversations.  
I constantly refer friends and family members to Dr. Horne and will continue to refer them.

Steve Wiman, Russellville, AR:
My hearing loss was caused by a mortar during military service, in 1968.  I didn't realize how bad my hearing loss was affecting my life until visiting the VA in 1969. They said there was nothing they could do about my hearing loss, so I figured I'd have to live my whole life without being able to hear.  

In January 2013, my wife told me "There’s a lot of new hearing technology out there", so to appease her I went to Sound Advice Hearing Doctors.  Dr. Rachel Horne made me feel like I was the only person in the world, and I could immediately see she was very passionate about helping me.  I informed her, I wanted to hear the birds chirping and my cats’ meow (sounds I hadn't heard in 40 years).  She fit me with hearing aids and made several adjustments (over several weeks) to provide the best hearing clarity for my hearing loss and lifestyle.  
Dr. Horne changed my life and stayed true to her promise. I can now hear the birds chirping, and my cats’ meow.   My wife doesn’t have to yell at me anymore, and I no longer read lips.  
I would recommend Dr. Horne and Sound Advice Hearing Doctors to anyone.  Dr. Horne has a passion for helping people.  I like that Dr. Horne lives in Russellville, so she is always available to provide services to my hearing aids.  You will not find a better person in the world to help you with your hearing. 

The Lord sent her into my life so that I could have life.

Ogene Beggs, Dardanelle, AR:
I started noticing my hearing loss several years ago when I couldn't hear frogs singing in the spring when others could.  I made an appointment with Dr. Horne the day I attended the seminar. I was impressed as to the thoroughness and time she took to evaluate my hearing.  Dr. Horne’s service has been great.  She showed me how to use, maintain, insert and remove my hearing aids.  I’ve had questions and she is always very eager to answer them, and because she lives in Russellville, she is always available.  These are the first hearing aids I've ever tried and the experience has been good.  

I would gladly refer my friends or family to Dr. Horne at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors. Her honesty is refreshing, and I believe she is what most people would expect to receive from a long term hearing doctor relationship

M.L. Musgrave, Russellville, AR:
Dr. Horne was great, and I’ve been very satisfied with my results and her services.  I’ve already referred two friends to her.

Richard Wright, Russellville, AR:
I've always been an avid hunter and shooter and had been experiencing hearing loss since high school.  My wife finally told me I had to do something about my hearing loss and told me to schedule an appointment with Sound Advice Hearing Doctors. Dr. Horne provided me with a thorough hearing examination and clearly explained my results and solutions. 

After being fit with hearing aids, I could hear instantly.  I experience no background noise, and I can finally talk on the phone through my left ear with complete clarity (something I haven't been able to do in years).  My hearing aids have been perfect and unnoticeable.  The only reason my client's know I’m wearing them is because they recognize the improvement in my hearing, and my better hearing has contributed to helping me within my career.  I forget I’m even wearing my hearing aids and can't live without them.  
My experience and the services at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors have been great.  Since Dr. Horne lives in Russellville, she is always there and quick to make any adjustments or fix any issues.  
I constantly refer friends, co-workers and clients to Sound Advice Hearing Doctors Russellville and Dr. Rachel Horne.
Jerri Moore, London, AR:
I can highly recommend Dr. Rachel Horne.  She has worked with my husband to make sure he has the hearing aids that are best for him. She went above and beyond the service he has received other places.

Maggie Sullivan, Russellville, AR:
I am very happy with my hearing aids purchased from Dr. Horne.  I noticed soon after wearing my hearing aids the tinnitus was better.  I have been back to see Dr. Horne for specific adjustments to help me hear even better.  

Thank you, Dr. Horne for making my hearing better!
Judy Brown, Plainview, AR:
Right after purchasing my hearing aids, my mother became ill and was placed in the hospital.  My new hearing aids were such a blessing.  I was able to hear and understand the doctors and nurses during a very vital time.
My hearing aids feel very natural in my ears.  I can now hear students, and I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves.  It’s been really nice to hear and understand people’s prayers.  
Dr. Horne provided great expertise, communication and service.  Even though I immediately experienced a perfect fit, I know she is always available to make any adjustments or provide any services. 
I would recommend Dr. Horne with Sound Advice Hearing Doctors Russellville to anyone.  
John Laughinghouse, LTC. US Army Retired, Russellville, AR:
What I liked most about Dr. Rachel Horne at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors was the ease and simplicity of the whole process.  You will be surprised how quick and easy it will be to find out what’s best for your hearing loss, what it will cost you, and it’s all done in a friendly and professional manner.  Their hearing aid system is so easy to use.  Many people have been surprised to learn that I am wearing hearing aids, because they had not noticed them.     

Mark Roys, Russellville, AR:
If you're looking for an audiologist that will spend the time it takes to fit and adjust a set of haearing aids to your satisfaction, then Rachel is the one. She has adjusted my new aids more times than I can remember, without any sign of giving up. You need not look any further.