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Hearing Evaluations

Your journey to better hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Following your hearing test, we’ll discuss your results as well as treatment options for your type and severity of hearing loss.
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Local Hearing Care Providers

We are committed to delivering quality hearing healthcare in your local community. Our team is here to serve you today and for years to come.
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Hearing Aids & Technology

The professionals at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors offer the latest hearing device technology along with a wide variety of styles specifically suited to your hearing needs​.

Every time I have an appointment I feel like I'm treated as if I'm the only patient they have. They listen, they care and take steps to ensure my hearing needs are taken care of.

Andrew R.

Conveniently Located For You

Sound Advice Hearing Doctors can be found in multiple locations in Missouri and Arkansas, and a central location in Oklahoma, making hearing care accessible and convenient. Each clinic is staffed with an experienced Doctor of Audiology, offering a free comprehensive evaluation that goes well beyond the standard screening offered at most clinics.

About Sound Advice

Our goal is to reconnect our patients with the sound of life. Sound Advice Audiologists and Hearing Professionals have specialized education to assess and fully understand all forms of hearing loss. We are not salespeople, we help each client find the right solution for their individual hearing needs and budget discretion. Client satisfaction comes before payment.

They are SO nice. Very accommodating. Everyone who works here is so helpful and personable. I am impressed every time I am in the office.

Alli P.

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