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Sound Advice Hearing Doctors offer a revolutionary new way to explore the possibilities for your hearing. Our clinics encourage you to explore the latest technology, with experts on hand to evaluate the full range of options available to address specific hearing loss needs.

In the past if you wanted to improve your hearing you had to call-up, make an appointment, and show-up just to hear a sales pitch from someone trying to get you to spend way too much money on a hearing device.
Those days are over.


We encourage clients to schedule a free hearing consultation to explore the full range of hearing devices available today. Our experienced staff is equipped to discuss the technological and aesthetic features of the various models available from each of the six leading manufacturers. We educate each client on the full range of options available to them, helping them find the right solution to fit their lifestyle and needs.

Expert Advice

Each clinic is staffed with an experienced Doctor of Audiology, offering a free comprehensive evaluation that goes well beyond the standard screening offered at most clinics. Our Audiologists and Hearing Professionals have specialized education to give them a medical understanding of hearing loss and assess how each personal hearing device would benefit a patient’s specific needs.


We guarantee no payment is expected or accepted until the right device is found and fitted for the client. Our extensive array of hearing device options, offering a full range technological features and aesthetics will provide for a few alternate solutions. Client satisfaction comes before payment.


Our goal is to reconnect our patients with the sound of life. No sales pitch, no pressure – we help each client find the right solution for their individual hearing needs and budget discretion.
You will be surprised how quick and easy it will be to find out what’s best for your hearing loss, what it will cost you, and it’s all done in a friendly and professional manner. Their hearing aid system is so easy to use. Many people have been surprised to learn that I am wearing hearing aids, because they had not noticed them.
— John Laughinghouse, LTC. US Army Retired

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