Aural Rehabilitation at Sound Advice Hearing Centers

Adjusting to hearing loss can be a frustrating process for someone at any age, which is why incorporating aural rehabilitation into a hearing treatment plan is extremely beneficial for the client. Sound Advice Hearing Doctors will provide a personalized strategy for clients to manage their hearing loss and overcome challenges that it presents, providing methods that will greatly improve daily life interactions.

Hearing loss at any stage in life is disruptive to daily routines, compromising the quality of life formerly enjoyed by the individual. The residual impact of emotional reactions to hearing loss, in the form of anxiety, depression and social disengagement may easily exacerbate the realities of impaired communication ability. The fundamental goal of aural rehabilitation is to reduce this impact, alleviate the residual emotional components, and properly adapt to the new hearing devices that will facilitate basic interactions and eventually enhance the quality of everyday life.

There are many approaches to aural rehabilitation, specific to each client’s level of hearing loss and struggles with how to communicate more effectively. Goals are also set differently for clients, depending on their stage in life and professional necessities.
The process of true aural rehabilitation follows fairly precise steps in it its treatment:

  • Following complete evaluation, testing and diagnosis of the client’s unique hearing loss issue, Sound Doctor Hearing Clinic audiologist or hearing aid specialist make restoring hearing levels to optimum levels their number one priority.
  • New users to this technology often need support, ensuring maximum utility, including refresher courses on how to use accessories that can further open the world to clients suffering from hearing loss.
  • Beyond these basic technology offerings, many clients have suffered from communication deficiencies in the process of progressive hearing decline.

Audiologists and hearing aid specialist specialize in helping people with hearing loss adapt to new hearing devices, improve necessary listening skills, learn to communicate more effectively with others and relearn skills that have become difficult. The professionals at each Sound Advice Hearing Doctors clinics provide the support and rehabilitation treatment necessary for clients to realize the full potential of new personal hearing devices.

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