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At Sound Advice Hearing Doctors, our number one priority is to improve our client’s quality of life. Our professionals are strong advocates for a thorough testing process and in depth evaluation of the client’s hearing health, vital to the proper diagnosis and creation of a individualized action plan. We go beyond the standard screening process offered at most clinics, providing each client with a comprehensive hearing evaluation, free of charge, the most important first step towards restoring sound to their life.Before any testing is performed, a Sound Advice Hearing Doctors audiologist conducts a thorough interview with the client, to discuss their medical and health history including family history. Questions will generally cover the full spectrum of pertinent information, such as hearing loss in the family, medications, injuries and past illnesses. This important information provides the audiologist with a more complete picture of the client’s health, and unique conditions that may have an affect currently or in the future on hearing health.

The licensed audiologist or hearing aid specialist will then conduct a formal exam with an otoscope, performing a thorough inspection of the ear canal to check for any obstructions or other signs of damage. Following the exam, the client will then undergo various hearing tests, designed to determine the nature and level of their hearing loss as well as ability to comprehend speech. Hearing tests include: audiograms, which measure hearing loss by frequency; tympanograms, using varying levels of air pressure to detect disorders in the middle ear; and speech assessment, measuring hearing and comprehension of conversations at different volumes.

Upon evaluation of the results, the hearing aid specialist will discuss the client specific treatment options available to provide the best possible hearing loss solutions. In most cases, hearing aids or instruments will be the primary solution, and the expert advice on finding the right fit, style and technology options to suit lifestyle needs will ensure optimal results.

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