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Each one of our clinics offers the best opportunities for clients to explore the range of possibilities that exist and go beyond the standard screenings that others offer. Our unparalleled approach ensures the best experience and care possible, providing the right solution custom fit for each client.

You deserve more than a sales pitch, you deserve sound advice.

Having a hearing loss can be frustrating. You shouldn’t have to endure the added frustration of wading through misinformation, gimmicks, and sales pitches to find the best way to restore the precious gift that is your hearing. And we’re here to help.

Sound Advice Services

Each Sound Advice Hearing Doctors Clinic offers the following hearing care services:

Hearing Tests

Our professionals are strong advocates of thorough testing and in depth evaluations of each client’s hearing health, which is vital to the proper diagnosis and creation of a individualized action plan.

Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing loss from loud noises reduces the ability to communicate, hear high frequencies and understand speech. Hearing protection is the best form of prevention for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Hearing Aid Fitting

Our clinics carry the full range of styles offered by the top manufacturers, providing each client with a variety of options, ensuring the preferred look and right fit for their specific hearing device needs.

Hearing Aid Repairs

A regular maintenance routine for hearing aids is necessary to keep them performing optimally. We supply the necessary materials for regular maintenance, as well instructions on proper techniques.

Tinnitus Treatment

While there is no cure for Tinnitus, it can improve greatly with treatment. Following an examination, our audiologists or hearing aid specialist will recommend a personal treatment plan suited to your needs.

Custom Earbuds

Sadly, music is one of the leading causes of noise induced hearing loss, (NIHL). Fortunately, there are customizable solutions, specifically tailored towards musicians, available right here at Sound Advice.

Captioned Phones

CaptionCall is an excellent solution for individuals that regularly struggle with phone conversations. Sound Advice Hearing Doctors can provide a certification form to help you acquire CaptionCall.

Earwax Management

Some people are prone to excessive earwax buildup and blockage due to ear glands that produce more wax than necessary. Our specialists conduct a thorough examination and provide appropriate treatment.

Aural Rehabilitation

Sound Advice Hearing Doctors specialize in helping people with hearing loss adapt to new hearing devices, improve listening skills, communicate more effectively with others and enjoy a life of hearing.

Musician Monitors

Custom in-ear monitors provide a superior fit and sound quality that allows musicians to perform their best without compromizing their hearing. We have the highest quality silicone earmolds to protect you.

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